Events and exhibitions when managed and approached correctly are brilliant at delivering ROI and heightening brand awareness. It’s true ‘permission’ marketing.

Customers and prospects give both their time and permission to interact with you at exhibitions, at a time they are ready to buy. Other forms of advertising hit your target audience on the ‘off-chance’ that they are ready to buy.

If someone excepts your invitation to an event you are hosting you know they are interested in what you are discussing or offering… they might even like you!

Below are some events and exhibitions we have previously smashed (if we do say so ourselves but the results speak for themselves). We are up for anything if it is thought through and has a strategic plan. So whether you are wanting to do some guerrilla marketing to increase PR interaction, work on video content to go viral through social media streams or start a new event or exhibition from scratch. Talk to us and give it the golddust touch.

• national and international exhibitions
• company team building events
• company customer roadshows
• launch events
• roundtable events
• dinner discussion management
• exhibition logistics
• individual party planning
• implementing thorough event management processes
• briefing and training your staff how to achieve sales from your events

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