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    “Brilliant to work with and so much energy around what they do. It’s a massive relief to work with people that just get Social Care and get on with it.” Sarj Radia – CEO – Inaspect Technology

  • The Wide-Eyed Approach

    The size of the eyes directly indicates how positive someone is about a topic. Being excited about your business and social care is the “golddust” state of mind.

Golddust Marketing:  Strategic, Creative and Authentic Marketing Consultancy for Social Care Suppliers.

We know marketing and are passionate about social care. 

  • Founded and continue to run Re-engage, Lichfield a charity to tackle social isolation among older people in the region.
  • Are multi-award winning – including being headed up by Support Staffordshire‘s Voulenteering Support for the Over 65’s winner, the SLTC Young Professional of the Year and also the Future Face of Sales, Marketing and Communication for the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.
  • Have a wealth of board-level experience – UK and internationally – in creating and implementing projects that stand out and deliver.
  • Are members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

We specialise in supporting Social Care Technology providers and other companies that sell into care homes and home care providers to maximise return on investment for any budget.

Often potential clients believe marketing has an element of ‘emperor’s new clothes’ about it. They have previously used an unqualified consultancy that promises marketing shortcuts and quick fixes. The problem is they tend to have a nasty habit of proving to be nothing more than costly detours and worthless dead ends. We don’t blame you for being bewildered. If it’s not thought-through, managed, reported on and continually refocused we agree that clients are rightly underwhelmed by marketing.

But that’s not what Golddust Marketing is about. We want to work with you to understand you and your businesses needs and aspirations, then support you to GO AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. We have almost 2 decades of proven experience and can’t wait to show you case studies and let you speak to our valued customers.

Golddust Marketing proudly offers – The Wide-Eyed Approach

So what does that actually mean? Remember how the size of our eyes and pupils directly show how positive we are about a topic? Being excited about your business is the “Golddust” state of mind.

We challenge you to have a meeting with our Managing Consultant, Hannah, and see her pupils widen as she gets excited about your business (and often gets on her soapbox about social care!).

You can’t fake that – its science!

If we aren’t excited we won’t be able to give our all to your project, strategy, direct mail campaign or event. Together we determine if we are the right consultancy for you straight off the bat.

Being authentic is one of our core values.

What’s on your wishlist?

Click through for an in-depth breakdown of the golddust services on offer for marketing, events, direct mail and projects. Go on, let’s make the magic happen.

Campaigns that offer ROI

Delivering Direct Mail campaigns to social care providers that return up to 7185%. Why not ask to see some previous campaigns and the return they delivered?

Making industry waves

Managing standout launches, white papers and roundtable debates involving key industry figures in Social Care and trade press. Why not ask to see some previous launch campaigns, round table discussions, and white papers?

Let’s Work Together!

We love supporting our customers and expanding our reputation through our business and social care networks.

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Mario Jayawardena

Business Consultant - CellTrak

Karen Rondalo

Marketing Manager - Cura Systems

Garry Pettit

Business Devleopment – Radar Healthcare

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