Charity Starts at Home

Charity Starts at Home and for us that is Lichfield

We support a number of local projects close to our heart and simply by working with us, you have an option to do that too! We’re committed to supporting Re-engage, Lichfield, The Darwin Walk Trust and Lichfield Cathedral, all of which are lynchpins of the community.

Re-engage, Lichfield: A charity founded by our MD to tackle social isolation among older people in the region.

The Darwin Walk Trust: A 10 mile walk encircling the city to commemorate Erasmus Darwin’s association with Lichfield.

Lichfield Cathedral: With over 1300 years of history the Cathedral is the only medieval three-spired in the UK which is a community focal group and brings 140,000 day visitors to the region annually.

You will see on your invoices an option to add another £5, £10 or £20 on to your payment. ALL of this money goes towards the work we do for Re-engage, Lichfield.

You get tax relief and a warm feeling inside.

You will also see offers on marketing and event support throughout the year that raise funds for all causes.

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