Social Care Marketing To Achieve Results

If the social care sector has learned one thing over the last couple of years it’s to be prepared. Situations can change at the drop of a hat, and if you’re not prepared to weather the storm, you could easily go under.


So, how can care homes and other businesses in the social care arena prepare themselves for an amazing 2023? Let’s take a romp through six things to consider when marketing in the social care sector.


Know Your USP


The care home market is a crowded market, so why should potential customers use YOUR facility over and above all others? Prospective residents’ families will be looking for something that draws them to you: what have you got that none of your competitors can offer?


Know Your Target Market


Chances are that it won’t be the potential residents who will be seeking you out, but their families. Where are you advertising? Who are you talking to? Are you using social media channels to reach your  audience? The days of Yellow Pages are long gone, so knowing who you are marketing to will help you to narrow down where you place your advertising and marketing budgets.


Be Ever-Present


Once you’ve identified your target audience, make sure they know you exist. Don’t be too sales-driven. Show your human side. Tell your stories. Gather social proof and testimonials from existing clients. Use blogs on your website, engaging content that makes the reader feel that you’re talking to them direct.


Shout From The Rooftops


Make sure that you mention the ethics behind your business, your approach to diversity, and the care expertise for which you can cater. Specialist care can be very hard to come by, so if you’re a specialist in a specific area of care, not mentioning it could easily result in losing business.


Have A Strategy


What marketing have you done in the past, and did it work? Could 2023 be the year to try something different? Digital marketing can offer a good return if done properly. Also, trade shows for the care sector can be a prolific environment to make connections and get yourselves seen. Marketing can be an expensive endeavour, but when researched, planned, and monitored, it can also reap rewards – and new business.


Think Technology


How can potential (and existing) clients contact you? Historically, the care sector has l aged behind with the use of technology. Do you have an online system for booking appointments? Do you have an out-of-hours service for families to get in touch after their working day? With hybrid working  and outsourcing, it’s possible to have 24/7 coverage. The benefits speak for themselves.


At Golddust Marketing, we have extensive experience working within the care sector. It’s true to say that marketing a social care business or a business that supplies into the care sector is poles apart from marketing an accountancy practice, or an IT consultancy.


If you’d like any help with marketing strategy for social care, Hannah would love to hear from you.

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