Taking The Biscuit? No, We’re Giving Them Away!

This month’s Golden Nugget takes on a lighter turn as we focus our attention on National Biscuit Day, which takes place every year on 29th May.


But before we get to this month’s offering from Golddust Marketing (trust me, it’s worth reading to the end of this missive for!) let’s take a look at a few biscuity facts.  So, pop the kettle on, open a packet of Hob Nobs and prepare to be amazed as we give you 10 jaw-dropping nuggets to wow your friends. They may also come in handy when pub quizzes return next month!


  • Biscuits are big business. On average, we Brits each buy a staggering 500 of them every year, with the most popular choice being the old faithful Chocolate Digestive.
  • To dunk, or not to dunk? If you’re a dunker head straight for the Rich Tea biscuit. Research has shown (yes, someone actually researched this!) that the humble Rich Tea is the king when it comes to dunking, being able to withstand – on average – 14 dunks! We’d like to know WHO can make one biscuit last that long…
  • The optimal angle for dunking is 45 degrees! This should keep your sweet snack in one piece but still allow it to soak up your hot beverage of choice.
  • Another dunking fact is to allow your drink to cool for around 5 minutes as this will give your biscuit a greater chance of surviving its dip into your steaming mug of splosh.
  • The ever-popular Hob Nob is not ideal for dunking, only surviving an average of two dips before falling apart, due to its oaty structure. The same goes for Ginger Nuts and Digestives.
  • Sweet meets savoury? TV presenter Davina McCall has been known to enjoy Digestives topped with Camembert.
  • If you want to go highbrow, HM The Queen keeps it simple, enjoying a Rich Tea with her Earl Grey before breakfast. We wonder if she dunks?
  • The word “biscuit” comes from the French for “twice cooked”.
  • A survey carried out by the people behind National Biscuit Day revealed that 83% of people said they would rather eat a biscuit and have a cuppa than go out on a date!
  • Biscuits are not a new invention. Shakespeare mentions biscuits in As You Like It and Troilus and Cressida.


If those 10 mind-blowing facts have got you craving a cuppa and a biccy, Golddust Marketing is here for you! All you need to do is book in for a direct marketing campaign by the end of June and we’ll send you one of our unique Golden Ticket biscuits, as well as tea and coffee.


For a flat rate fee you get:

1: Kick-off meeting
2: From three to five campaign ideas
3: Full copywriting
4: Design management
5. Print management
6: Packaging ideas including quotes


Our best ROI from a campaign is 7,185% and our latest campaign through lockdown has already created £25,000 extra sales for a very happy client. We can send you the case studies and put you in touch if you like? Direct mail works. Stand out. Build Relationships. Grow.


If you’re already a client, keep your eye out on the post as some yummy direct mail is already on its way ;-p.


This is a genuine offer – when it comes to marketing your business and driving you forward, you know that we’d never take the biscuit!


Get in touch for an initial chinwag – hello@golddust.marketing – 0330 055 26 05

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